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Sunday, September 18, 2005

A loss in the blogosphere-

Kim du Toit has taken down the Nation of Riflemen blog. There's been a tremendous amount of stuff going on in the du Toit household, if you haven't been following along and Kim has been job hunting for a real, no-kidding return to the workforce. He has changed the site a couple times in the past weeks to meet his requirements and obligations but now its just gone. Dang!

Geek with a 45 has been in touch with Kim and is assured that all is well. maybe there will be an explanation as well soon. So I'm leaving the link on my page for now and give it some time.

I sure like reading Kim's gun reports and essays so I hope he puts it back online. Sombody smarter than me knew how to locate many of Kim's archived pages, you can go here to read them for yourself.

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